E10 What's Black and White and Dead All Over? Part 2


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How did the Egyptian Book of the Dead fit into the lives of royal and average Egyptians? Was it a vital afterlife resource or shameless cash grab?

What does surviving the afterlife have in common with snap bracelets? If you’ve already listened to part one of this episode, you have a solid foundation of knowledge about what Egyptians thought the afterlife was like, and in part two we’ll reveal some ancient Egyptian tips and tricks for skating easily into it—even if you have more in common with Dorian Gray than with Gandhi. Also in part two, we shall keep you on tenterhooks no longer as to some examples of negative confessions. Dust off your papyri and start assembling your kohl stick payment for your local scribe as we answer these questions and more in What’s Black and White and Dead All Over? Pt 2.

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