Q&A! To BJ Or Not To BJ, Changing Your Date's Style, & The Women's Equivalent To Andy's "Men Are Mature At 36" Rule


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It's Q&A time! We're back, answering YOUR burning questions! If you like the guy but not his style, is it superficial to want to change it? Andy has long said the "maturity threshold" for men is age 36—does he have an age equivalent for women? And is refusing to go down on your partner a potential dealbreaker in the world of dating? Come join us in our living room for the Shandy take!

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0:00 - Q1: What Is The Straight Woman's Equivalent To Andy's "You're Not A Mature Man Until Age 36"?

11:12 - Q2: When Can I Tell My Friend She Sucks At Dating?

26:44 - Q3: I Have Zero Interest In Giving A Blowjob—Shandy's Thoughts?

39:59 - Q4: I Was A Covid Bride And Can't Decide If We Should Have A Wedding Do-Over—Shandy's Thoughts?

54:51 - Q5: I Like My New Guy But I Hate His Style—Am I Superficial For Wanting To Change It?

1:01:16 - Q6: My Husband And I Squabble Over The Fact That I Don't Like Hanging With His Friend—Thoughts?

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