Q&A! A First Date Venmo, Safe Sex = Equal Effort?, & A Shandy's Love Letter - Ep 140


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It's Q&A time! We're back, answering YOUR burning questions! Is it a dealbreaker if a guy asks you to Venmo him for your first date together? Is it reasonable to expect your date to be as invested in safe sex as you are? Where's the line between sharing the laughs and respecting your partner? Finally, a beautiful letter written by a Shandy. Come join us in our living room for the Shandy take!

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0:00 - Q1: My Date Asked Me To Venmo Him Back For Our First Date—Is This Weird?

11:40 - Q2: How Can I Make Sure HIs Parents Like Me?

24:50 - Q3: I'm East Asian And My New Guy Has A History Of Mainly Dating East Asians—Am I Being Fetishized?

38:18 - Q4: Is It Reasonable In A New Relationship To Expect Both Partners To Make An Equal Effort In Protection?

56:37 - Q5: My Boyfriend's Upset I Shared His "Personal Medical Information" With Our Friends—Am I The Asshole?

1:09:49 - A Shandy's Letter

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