Our Wedding Story, Part 2 (aka Wedding Q&A!)


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After Our Wedding Story episode, we were overwhelmed by follow-up questions. We asked if you wanted a Part 2 and you said yes! So, combining your emails, comments, DMs, and Instagram poll questions, here are our answers!

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0:00 - Introduction

1:58 - Who Was At Our City Hall Wedding?

6:47 - What Was The City Hall Process Like?

8:38 - Did Anyone Give Us a Hard Time For Doing City Hall Initially?

9:16 - Thoughts On First Look Versus Waiting Until The Aisle?

10:54 - Did Either Of Us Have Last Minute Jitters/Cold Feet?

17:59 - Advice On Plus-Ones? And What About Kids?

23:25 - Did You Take It Personally If Someone Did Not Come?

27:05 - What Was Our First Dance Song?

29:14 - Did We Do A Choreographed Dance?

32:03 - Did We Drink?

35:19 - Thoughts On Guests Who Only Attend The Reception?

41:13 - How Did You Pick Your Photographer?

50:28 - How Did You Pick Your Wedding Party?

58:06 - How Can We Have Energy For The Bedroom That Night?

59:43 - Did Either Of Us Experience Guilt Trips From Our Families During Planning?

1:02:16 - What Did We Do For A Gift Registry?

1:03:37 - Did We Have A Honeymoon?

1:04:11 - What Did Guests Compliment The Most?

1:04:21 - What's Something You Wish You'd Had On Hand?

1:04:39 - If You Could Have A Do Over, Would You Do Anything Differently?

1:05:35 - Which Anniversary Do You Celebrate?

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