My Fiancé Won't Write Personalized Wedding Vows For Our Big Day—Help! - Ep 142


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It's a 2-for-1 Caller Day! Today's first caller, Nicki, is in the thick of wedding planning, and while she and her fiancé agree on just about everything, they don't see eye to eye on wedding vows. He wants to opt out of writing them at all. Should she insist or prioritize his comfort zone?

Our second caller, Kate, finds herself involved in a confusing "friendship", years after extricating herself from the emotionally manipulative ex they have in common. How should she handle this relationship, and should she be concerned by the old emotions that still seem to linger? Listen on for the Shandy take!

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Time Stamps:

0:00 - Welcome To Caller Nicki!

23:35 - Shandy Debrief

32:00 - Welcome To Caller Kate!

1:04:06 - Shandy Debrief

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