LOVE FEST! Jacqueline Trumbull & Paul Seli On Overcoming Jealousy & The Art Of Making A Move


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It's Love Fest time! 🎉 Today we're joined by one of Sharleen's closest Bachelor Nation friends, Jacqueline Trumbull, and her fiancé Paul Seli!

You may remember Jacqueline from Arie's season, where she, like Sharleen, withdrew in Week 7. She and Paul are both in psychology (Jacqueline is a PhD student at Duke University, where Paul is a professor of Psychology and Neuroscience), so needless to say, there's fun analysis of relationship dynamics in today's conversation. We learn how Paul overcame jealousy in the early stages, how their psychology backgrounds play a role in their relationship, and their thoughts on The One. Finally, a real nail-biter of a Dear Shandy Newlyweds Game! Who knows who better? Watch on to find out!

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