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Today's lovely guest, Nicole Sodoma, is a seasoned divorce attorney of over two decades and the managing principal at Sodoma Law, based in Charlotte NC. Her debut book, "Please Don't Say You're Sorry: An Empowering Perspective on Marriage, Separation, and Divorce from a Marriage-Loving Divorce Attorney" will be released on May 24. She has also been through a divorce of her own, so needless to say, she's beyond qualified for today's "Confessions" episode! Nicole answers all of YOUR burning questions, and our conversation covers everything from her personal observations to (oftentimes surprising) divorce stats to invaluable life advice.

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Time Stamps

3:57 - Did She Always Want To Be A Divorce Attorney?

5:41 - If She Could Go Back In Time And Do Something Else, What Would It Be?

8:54 - Is Divorce One Of The Most Expensive Things In The World?

13:40 - What's The Average Time A Divorce Takes From Beginning To End?

16:32 - If You Get Married In One State But Reside In Another, Which State's Divorce Laws Apply?

17:22 - What Percentage Of The Divorces She's Dealt With Had Prenups? (Are Prenups In And Of Themselves An Indicator For Separation?)

23:50 - What Are The Top 3 Reasons She Sees For Divorce?

26:16 - What Percentage Of Divorces Are Amicable Versus Contentious?

29:53 - What's The Most Common Thing Couples Fight Over, And What's The Most Shocking Thing She's Seen A Couple Fight Over?

32:46 - Do Couples Ever *Not* Fight Over Custody?

36:35 - What Percentage Of Couples Who Make It To Her Office End Up Not Going Through With It?

38:10 - What's The Most Romantic Thing She's Ever Seen During A Divorce?

39:14 - How Is Debt Calculated?

42:32 - What Are Her General Thoughts On Prenups?

52:50 - How Many Years Into Marriage Are The Most Common For Divorce?

54:39 - What Are The Most Common Ages She Sees?

56:04 - What Are Some Things She Wishes Couples Would Consider Before Marriage?

59:08 - Did She Represent Herself In Her Own Divorce?

59:59 - What Are Some Red Flags She Wishes People Would Look Out For?

1:01:34 - Let's Say You Know It's Over—What Are The Best First Steps?

1:04:17 - What Advice Would You Give To Someone Going Through A Divorce Right Now?

1:06:02 - Is Marriage Worth The Risk?

1:07:42 - Shandy Debrief

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