Trans Awareness Week


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Welcome to the fourth episode of series 4, where we’ve been focusing on the educators, activists, and influencers who inspire and guide us. However, because this week is Trans Awareness Week, we're taking a short break from hosting guests to focus on the trans community and how cis people can be better supporters and allies.

We're using information from the excellent Schuyler Bailar, the Human Rights Campaign, and PFLAG to guide this conversation and we've linked back to all of these educators & organizations (and more) below.
We start off by running through Schuyler Bailar's "cheat sheet" about how to re-frame the language you use when talking about, or interacting with, transgender people. We then move through a list of disinformation, anti-trans tropes and rhetoric that many people believe to be true, and dispel the myths around each item. We discuss the importance of moving away from the patriarchal gender binary and how we can support each other, and the trans, non-binary and LGBTQ+ community in general by leaving behind harmful and false heteronormative gender expectations.
If you learned something from this episode, please share with those you know and love who may need more education on this important topic. Have the hard conversations, spread love, and reach out to the communities that need your support.

- Schuyler Bailar:

  • Find Schuyler (and his Trans Awareness Week Cheat Sheet) on IG: @pinkmantaray
  • Schuyler's website

- Human Rights Campaign

- Trevor Project

Additional Transgender, Non-Binary & LGBTQ+ Resources:

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