180: Top 3 things we’ve learned after coaching men on sex & relationships for years (ft. Jason Lange)


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'Tis the season for reflection, and here Jason and I each share our top learnings when it comes to hearing from -- and coaching -- hundreds of men on dating, relationships, marriage, love, sex, separation, devotion, divorce, infidelity, personal growth, dedication, longing, and more. Whether it's wanting or needing more sex in a long-term relationship, surviving domestic violence, moving from feeling insecure about performing well in the sack with a new person to looking forward to it, the joy of connecting with a woman who's receptive to his gifts, overcoming sexual trauma, or navigating the vulnerability of online dating, we've witnessed our guys move through immense challenges and not just "make it," but thrive. We're grateful to our men for their openness and willingness to grow and transform, and giving us the opportunity to share these kinds of stories. To expansion and the alchemy of change. To life!

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