178: What's it like to have non-ejaculatory orgasms as a man? (ft. Cam Fraser)


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In the world of advanced sexual mastery for men, the non-ejaculatory orgasm (aka "energetic orgasm" or "full-body orgasm") looms large. In this episode, Cam Fraser, Australia's leading sex coach for men, gets into the details around this. Because if this kind of sexual mastery is interesting to you as a penis-owner, you may wonder: How do you actually get there? What do you have to develop (and how) in order to be able to come without actually ejaculating? And what does this kind of mastery have to do with how good you are in bed? The answer might surprise you. Other topics we cover here: semen retention, what it was like for Cam to overcome his own experience with erectile dysfunction/premature ejaculation, how he got on the personal growth path, and what it means for sex with a partner when you take ejaculation off the table. Hint: it can be great in both dating and relationships.

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