Bonus: Amplify DEI - Leadership Edition 2021 (Behind the scene conversation with Vivian Acquah)


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Hey friends - Welcome to the dear accountant podcast bonus episode. I wanna share with you this incredible event called amplify DEI summit that I was so honored to be invited to speak. It was a global virtual event so I got to join over 80 speakers all over the world to talk about so many different topics within DEI, some of which were completely new and refreshing learning for me.

I will leave the link in the show notes so definitely check it out - the behind-the-scene is free, and the ticket price gets you one year of access to all the talks which I think it’s such a great treat. So

Enjoy this behind the scene clip where I chatted with the amazing founder Vivian Acquah - Vivian is not just an inclusive wellness advocate - her backstory is actually fascinating so I hope that she will come join us on the podcast soon - in the meantime, enjoy this bonus episode! I will see you next week back here on the dear accountant podcast!


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