Revisiting WWE RAW 2007 Mr. McMahon’s Limo Blows Up, The 2007 WWE Draft, Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night, Unscripted Comments from Celebrities & Superstars, WWE Champion vs World Champion John Cena vs Edge


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It’s the 2007 WWE Draft! The first ever tri-branded draft as RAW, Smackdown, & ECW will all have to win matches to get draft picks. It is also Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night with unscripted comments from WWE Superstars and celebrities. From Donald Trump to Steve-O, all the stars are here to appreciate Mr. McMahon. This is also an infamous episode from when Mr. McMahon’s limo blows up with him inside of it! What happened and who did it? We never get to find out! Also, WWE Champion John Cena faces off against World Champion Edge! Plus, The DEADLOCK Q&A is back!

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