Revisiting WCW Monday Nitro 1999 The Finger Poke Of Doom, The Night WCW Lost the War, Goldberg Gets Arrested In Hometown, nWo Reforms with Wolfpac & Black & White, WCW Spoils WWF Raw, Ric Flair As WCW President, 40,000 In The Georgia Dome


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Ric Flair is the new President of WCW as we head into 1999 and one of the biggest WCW Nitro episodes of all time. It’s Goldberg vs Kevin Nash inside the Georgia Dome with 40,000 people in attendance. The match never happens as Goldberg gets arrested on charges of stalking Ms. Elizabeth! Goldberg is taken to the police station for questioning. This makes Kevin Nash pissed off, as he thinks Hulk Hogan is up to it. However, it turns out that Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan have been working together. They get in the ring for the main event and The Finger Poke Of Doom happens! This is the night WCW lost the Monday Night War! The nWo reforms with the Wolfpac & Black & White! Also, Tony Schiavone spoils the results of Mick Foley winning the WWF Title on Monday Night Raw as Mankind! This backfired and everyone turned over to watch WWF! This was truly an epic fail moment!

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