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To keep in line with the spirit of #MaxFunDrive, we are feed swapping with fellow MaxFun podcast Mission to Zyxx. Dead Pilots Society producer Ben Blacker chats with Mission to Zyxx hosts/comedians Seth Lind and Moujan Zolfaghari. DPS fans will LOVE this podcast! Each episode features a special guest comedian who plays an inhabitant of the Zyxx Quadrant unlucky enough to encounter our crew. Episodes are fully improvised, then lovingly edited and sound designed. Don't forget to check the boxes for Dead Pilots Society and Mission to Zyxx when you become a MaxFun member!Please help support the little shows that can and do!

Moujan and Seth share episode 210 with us: A wing and a Repair featuring comedian Sebastian Coneli (Search Party, The Last O.G.)

Bargie isn’t feeling so hot, so the crew is forced to call a mechanic. Dar offers her unprofessional opinion. Pleck learns a couple secrets. Beano helps! All inside this episode of Mission to Zyxx.

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