Episode 74: Hilary Winston (My Name Is Earl) & Mat Harawitz (Angie Tribeca) Interview (Common Areas After Show)


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We have a great after show interview for you! It’s an enlightening conversation with Hilary Winston (My Name Is Earl, Community) & Mat Harawitz (Angie Tribeca, Will & Grace) writers of last week’s episode, Common Areas. Hilary spills some life changing advice she got from Kerry Washington in college and tales from her first staff writer job on The Orlando Jones Show. Mat tells us about his most embarrassing job interview moments, some sage (and practical) writing advice, and a conversation about the history of TV pilots. Hilary also taught us about Dan Harmon’s story circle, which she learned from Dan Harmon. Andrew gave us some great intel on how David Crane (Creator of Friends) ran his rooms and some great tips for creating a positive working experience. This is absolutely a must listen episode for everyone! Enjoy!

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