Episode 73: Common Areas written by Hilary Winston (My Name Is Earl) & Mat Harawitz (Angie Tribeca)


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Our pilot this month is called Common Areas written by Mat Harawitz (Angie Tribeca) & Hilary Winston (Happy Endings). In cities where rents have sky rocketed, people are turning to micro-units in luxury buildings, where they can get a bedroom for the price of an apartment in any other city. These dorm residents are getting a lot more than just a tiny bedroom and athlete’s foot, they’re getting a community (but also probably athlete’s foot). Common Areas centers around the tenants of one of these adult dorms. The project was set up at ABC with Stoller Global Solutions and Sony TV attached to produce.

Common Areas stars Allison Miller (A Million Little Things) as Nicole, Okierte Onaodowan (Hamilton) as Casey, Toni Trucks (SEAL Team) as Camille, Asif Ali (WandaVision) as Evan, Rex Lee (Entourage) as Walter, Mo Welch (Conan) as Amy, Suzy Nakamura (The West Wing) as Zena, Nick Wechsler (Revenge) as Beau, Annie Savage as Beth-Ellen/Jen/Guy/Realtor/Podcast Host/Security Guard/Scandinavian/Bartender/Beau’s Mom and Andrew Reich with stage directions. Thanks for watching! Enjoy it!

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Tune in next week for our interview with Hilary and Mat. Thanks for watching and supporting our show! Enjoy!

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