Episode 72: Paul Scheer & Andrew Guest Interview (Voice Of The People After Show)


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We caught up with the writers of Voice Of The People this week! Andrew sat down with Paul Scheer (The League, Black Monday) and Andrew Guest (30 Rock, Community) for their after show interview. They talked about the development process for Voice Of The People and where they saw the series going. They go in depth about the notes they received from HBO and what it was like to work with Adam McKay and Owen Burke at Gary Sanchez. A deep dive into news pundits and Paul realizes that he actually was a pundit on Best Week Ever! They also discussed things to look for in a writing partner and the reason why some shows go to series and some end up on Dead Pilots Society. Paul told us about how he got his start performing at UCB to creating The Human Giant for MTV. Andrew talked about his experience working on the 30 Rock pilot as a writer’s assistant and the ups and downs he endured as a writer after that. It’s an enlightening conversation about creativity and comedy writing. Enjoy it!

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