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This is the greatest show on earth! Tarel Naim Austin, the reallionaire is the future and the voice of the next few generations! He's the Black Larry King! He's Howard Stern that sneaks whole Cheesesteaks in the movie theater. You mix Jimmy Fallon & Kimmel with Arsenio on top, sprinkle some Martin Payne inside, what the hell do you got? You have one bad mofo! On The "Dead Ass Tho" podcast, you just never know what will come out his mouth. He has complex and unorthodox FEEL-osophy's that make you say "Wow. That makes sense. I just never thought of it like that!" This show's focus is to entertain, inform, and persuade. The show's premise is to pay homage to legendary people, places, and things, as well as promote small local businesses, and to shed light on important issues and topics in the community, ranging from interracial-dating to children with disabilities to you name it! On this very show, the longest Black mayor in history was interviewed with his greatest interview ever. On this show, a school teacher will be the special guest one week, and an "exotic" dancer could be the guest the next week. This show is the perfect balance of EDU-tainment! Every episode will leave you laughing, learning, and yearning for more. And if you love Tarel's podcast, make sure you check out his book "LIT-erature!" on Amazon! It's a masterpiece! Just as this show! Enjoy and follow him on Twitter @NaimThyDream!

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