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A trailer and welcome to our DC Animated Movie Show! A podcast and YouTube series for the prestigious, ongoing catalog of DC Animated Movies. Filmmaker/podcaster/DC Animation journalist, Benjamin David, will be posting weekly episodes of DC Animated news, reviews, commentary tracks, Instagram Q&A, and our 10 minute or less audio/video byte series from our YouTube channel: "Above and Batman Beyond."

-New episodes of the podcast drop every Monday starting 12/28/20, so be sure to subscribe to the pod for our big Holiday premiere!

-You can find the DC Animated Movie Show on Apple, Spotify, the Anchor app and wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow us on Instagram to join in on the Q&A, we are @dcanimatedmovieshow. And, we’ll also be dropping bonus episodes pretty soon too, going behind the scenes of our YouTube channel, as well as our past DC Animated coverage from NY Comic Con.

-So, Happy Holidays, and remember, Animated we Stand.

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