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In this week's very special episode, we chat with Spirit Sis (aka Steffi Hill) on her podcast Psychic Scoop to talk about all things Human Design.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • What is Human Design *exactly?*
  • How to use your energy in practical DAY TO DAY life to magnetize your aura.
  • Astrology vs Human Design differences and resonance
  • Shayna and Dana’s personal journey to discovering their own designs
  • What are the FIVE ENERGY types in Human Design?
  • High expression of the types and what makes them magnetic!
  • Lower expression of the types and how to notice it in your own body
  • Using Human Design to align with being a business owner
  • Human Design Games!!

Dana and Shayna's soul-centered business, DayLuna, offers personalized Human Design boxes, affirmation cards, meditation tools, and the DayLuna Human Design Podcast.

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