WebKit Bugs, a Windows Race, and House of IO Improved [Exploit Dev/VR]


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Links and vulnerability summaries for this episode are available at: https://dayzerosec.com/podcast/webkit-bugs-a-windows-race-and-house-of-io-improved.html

Tianfu Cup happened this week, we also got some cool windows and webkit issues, along side an improvment to the House of IO attack

[00:00:17] Spot The Vuln - Prepare To Inject - Solution

[00:03:14] Tianfu Cup 2021

[00:09:10] Six Privilege Escalations and an Info Leak in Windows [Blackswan vulnerabilities]

[00:25:16] nt!ObpCreateSymbolicLinkName Race Condition Write-Beyond-Boundary

[00:31:37] CVE-2021-30858: Use-after-free in WebKit

[00:44:53] WebKit: heap-use-after-free in DOMWindow::open

[00:50:23] House of IO - Heap Reuse

[01:02:06] Getting started in macOS security

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