'#AnnabelleClarkeIsOverParty' starring Hari Nef, Alisha Boe, Jacob Batalon, John Ales, and Ever Carradine


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Annabelle Clarke must make a moral decision in the face of a Twitter cancellation in this story about the downfall of celebrity culture in the time of a pandemic.

'#AnnabelleClarkeIsOverParty' was written by Ariela Barer and stars Hari Nef (Assassination Nation), Alisha Boe (13 Reasons Why), Jacob Batalon (Spider-Man: Far From Home), John Ales (Euphoria), Ever Carradine (Marvel's Runaways), and Daniel Goldhaber (Cam) with an original score from Luka Kloser.

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On today’s episode, we highlight Farmlink, a grassroots organization with the goal of getting surplus produce from farms to food banks in need. Help them move 1 million pounds of food before the end of May. To donate or volunteer, please visit their website at www.thefarmlinkproject.org.

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