James Dale Davidson, Chris Martenson, Joel Salatin: A 21st Century Lifestyle Panel


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What happens when a financial forecaster, a scientist, and a farmer walk into a bar? In this special roundtable conversion, radio host and writer David Gornoski is joined by three prestigious personalities: James Dale Davidson–the author of the 'Sovereign Individual,' Dr. Chris Martenson–the host of Peak Prosperity, and Joel Salatin–a pioneer of regenerative farming. What happens when specialization and tunnel-mindedness go awry? Are we headed towards more totalitarianism or will we have a renaissance of decentralization? Has globalism grown too big to maintain itself? What would a 21st-century lifestyle look like? We explore Money/Capital, Energy/Ecology, and Food/Medicine as the three touchpoints for freedom and growth in the next century. Listen to this fascinating discussion!

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