Escape From Absolom AKA No Escape


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This week on the Podcast; Casey and Dave are joined by a special guest from the dirty state of Victoria; They are joined by the Ruth Cracknell Slash-fiction aficionado; Mat from The Passive Aggressive podcast.
The trio take the treacherous journey to the prison Island of Absolom to discuss 1994's Escape from Absolom (also know as No Escape in second rate countries).
They discuss the ins and outs of bellybuttons, Dave describes the smell of the island, Mat talks about the unspoken compulation-hierarchy and Casey talks the warden's Zordon like head.
Dave says 'Operation Dumbo Drop' an unforgivable amount of times , Casey talks about's a characters' unfair share of rations and Mat airs his unnecessary disdain for the wonderful people of Queensland.
So pour yourself a fresh mug of Absolom Aioli and enjoy this episode on a classic from the director of Goldeneye.
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