239 - The case of the ex - Heidi part 2


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So, while Dave's past and current better halves compare notes, let's look at some of the words that he (and Heidi) have just learned. SURFING is DESKANJE, SNOWBOARDING is DESKANJE NA SNEGU, SKATING is DRSANJE and SKYDIVING is SKOK S PADALOM or PADALSTVO. For languages: FRENCH is FRANCOŠČINA, ITALIAN is ITALIJANŠČINA, ENGLISH is ANGLEŠČINA, GERMAN is NEMŠČINA and CHINESE is KITAJŠČINA. And we've also found out that Dave IS AFRAID OF HEIGHTS – GA JE STRAH VIŠINE, SPIDERS - PAJKOV and LITTLE DOGS - MAJHNIH KUŽKOV. And he's probably afraid of Heidi and Fani's CONVERSATION - POGOVOR, right now, too. Bogi Dave!

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