SL-3 #RealTalk: The Covid19 Juggle- Women in TECH Talk About the Challenges of Working from Home


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When lockdowns started, people around the world, especially women, found themselves juggling with their personal and professional lives. In this episode we have Kathryn Gulifa, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Worksafe Victoria, and Stuti Sharma, Director of Data Science at Visa who share with us the challenges they faced while trying to cope with the new normal.

Stuart Garland, Director at Talent Insights Group gives us the recruiters’ perspective on the covid impact and tells us employees are not the only ones adapting to changes, employers are doing so as well. Some of them are beginning to realise remote work can be productive and perhaps there is an opportunity for some work from home to offer employees flexibility post covid-19.


  • "I was trying to balance full time work while caring for a 2 year old and a 6 month old. Which I found, honestly, really challenging and had many ups and downs from the mental health perspective, both trying to understand my place in the world having just returned from work and joining back into an organization that was facing a very different economic situation and different priorities than when I left."
  • "I had my laptop setup on the dining table and it was always there, even over the weekends. I think it was mostly self-inflicted, I would find myself working late in the night and then I realized that it was not sustainable. This thing was not ending anytime soon, and I made a conscious effort to draw a line between my office hours and time with my family."
  • "I have a team member that says it’s not working from home, it’s living at work."

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