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Data Futurology podcast host, Felipe Flores interviews She Loves Data co-founders Jana Marlé-Zizková and Pavel Bulowski, who share how they found a philanthropic niche in data literacy while pushing for more diverse and inclusive workforces. What started as a data workshop for a roomful of friends and friends of friends, has grown into a 21k+ community in 14 (and growing) city chapters around the world. Listen to inspiring stories from them and their members.

Jana and Pavel both have abundant experience in the analytics field and also co-founded Meiro, a Customer Data Platform that allows organizations to harness user data. Jana was recently recognized as part of Singapore’s 100 Women in Tech.

More than just a non-profit, She Loves Data is a community and a movement with the goal of encouraging women across Asia, ANZ, Africa, Europe and the USA to embrace tech and strengthen their data and digital literacy to future-proof their careers.


  • "There are only like 25% of women in this field. How about going out there and inspiring women to look at data as a possible future career."
  • "You are changing people’s complete life trajectory by lowering the barriers to entry into something that they can find their passion and interest in."
  • "It’s never late to change your career, it’s never late to learn about tech and data because it can help you for your future career, your jobs and maybe make your life more meaningful."

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