#169 AI Combatting Child Sexual Abuse: #dataforgood in action with Chris Wexler, CEO at Krunam


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In 2020, there were 121.7 million reports of suspected online abuse of children - 6,000 times the number reported in 1998 - while in the last decade there has been a hundredfold increase in files containing child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The online sexual abuse of children is facilitated by the progress in technology, which is providing low-cost platforms for peer-to-peer sharing of files, fast live streaming capabilities, and end-to-end user encryption so that perpetrators can remain anonymous.

In this episode, we speak with Chris Wexler — CEO of Krunam. Krunam is in the business of removing digital toxic waste from the internet using AI to identify CSAM and other indicative content to improve and speed content moderation. Krunam’s technology is already in use by law enforcement and is now moving into the private sector.

In this sensitive and equally essential topic, we’ll learn from Chris why AI is the future of fighting child sexual abuse material.

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