#163 Part 2- Enterprise Analytics: Transforming Your Organisation with Data with Abhi Seth, Vice President, Data, Insights & Analytics of TE Connectivity


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In part 2 of our interview with Abhi Seth, he tells us that part of his role is to really drive scale for analytics across the ten businesses within TE. We learn how the adoption of analytics is enabled throughout the organization and a big component of that is driving, understanding and building capability within the Centre of Excellence (COE).

He says the first 90 days in the COE is about building capability and being able to have experts in data science, cloud, dev ops, ML Ops, data visualization, user experience, storytelling, and data engineering. Abhi says his focus is now on building a small COE team within each of the businesses and moving to a “hub & spoke” model as the analytical maturity of the organisation improves.

Abhi goes on to tell us about how he creates and enables “seed teams'' and how it’s important to ensure the problems you're solving are creating value for the company and are tied to a strategy. He also says you should have a committed executive sponsor.

Throughout the episode we discuss the results of our poll questions:

  • Does your organization have a data science or analytics Center of Excellence?
  • How is your organization's cloud migration going?
  • Does your organization centrally manage the delivery of analytics across the enterprise?
  • Does your organization measure the success of the analytics function?
  • Does your organization develop their analytical talent?

Enjoy the show!

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