#157 Part 2 - Building a Holistic Data Governance Strategy at RMIT, with Nonna Milmeister, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at RMIT University


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In Part two of this episode, Nonna talks about the role culture plays in a data-driven organization and the importance of role accountability and the support of leadership.

One of the things that Nonna strongly subscribes to is the RMIT vision to support their students in every possible way including a new initiative called the Data Innovation Hub which gives students 12 months of real industry experience. Nonna says their key focus at RMIT is to make sure that their students are ready for life and work.

Also in this episode, we discuss why a widely known and explicit data strategy is vital to every organisation. Nonna says that everything is about data, and it doesn't matter what your organization is or does, because, without data, it's not going to be successful.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How using interns can benefit your organization
  • Data Owners vs Data Trustees
  • Working with peers and data leaders across an organization
  • The use of data analytics during Covid-19
  • Do executives trust the metrics

Enjoy the show!

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