#154 Part 1 - Tech enthusiast to AI leader: Getting to know podcast host, Felipe Flores: Career Walkthrough & Tips


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In part one of this special episode, Felipe reflects on the path his career has taken from his first start-up company to how he started Data Futurology and to his latest role in Healthcare. In this open and honest conversation, he reveals the mistakes he made along the way and the lessons he learned from those failures. Successful people do have struggles, but you must be willing to ask for help.

Passionate about his field, Felipe began the Data Futurology podcast in 2018 when he realised he needed a productive outlet for his obsession! Fast forward to today and he has interviewed over 200 guests from Australia and around the world from companies such as NASA, Formula 1, the AFL. And even a futurist!

Listen in next week for part two as Felipe takes Q&A from the audience.


  • There were so many things I did wrong during that time and so many things that I learned during that time, but it was the best training ground because the stakes were so high, and I felt like I had to be improving so quickly. It taught me a lot of lessons and a lot of what has helped to well in corporate is the lessons from my time as an entrepreneur.

  • The first year was tough. There was a huge education piece. Nobody understood data science. Nobody really cared about data science. I would go and speak to business heads and executives let’s talk about what we can do for your area. But people did not take it very seriously.

  • I’ve interviewed over 200 guests, including the CTO from Nasa, Martin Ford a futurist, that was super exciting. We have had people on the show from all different industries. It’s been awesome.

Enjoy the show!

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