TCT: Frozen Tears: The Fort Leonard Wood MP Murders w/ J.B. King


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True Crime Tuesday presents Frozen Tears: The Fort Leonard Wood MP Murders with J.B. King
Dave & Tim uncover a tale of true crime terror with guest J.B. King. On Jan. 13, 1977 an on-duty Military Police Officer kidnapped four teenagers on a double date who were driving across the Ft. Leonard Wood military reservation. What would unfold was terrifying and traumatic for all and MP Officer Johnny Lee Thornton was at the center of this nightmarish crime.

Is this a case of multiple personality disorder or just a maniac on the loose? Was this a mental disease in which his other personality "Bad John" told "Good Johnny" to kill and he could not help himself.

Our guest is J.B. King is a retired 32-year (1969-2001) member of theMissouri State Highway Patrol who was assigned to Pulaski County Missouri his entire career. Pulaski County is also the home of the United States Army base of Fort. Leonard Wood. After his Highway Patrol retirement, he ran for the office of Pulaski County Sheriff and served two terms 2005-2012 before retiring once again. From 2013 to present he has served as a reserve deputy with thePulaski County Sheriff's Office and is assigned to the detective division.
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