S18 Ep12: The Perfect Predator: The Race Against A SuperBug & Other Psychic Adventures w/Robert Linsy Milne


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Darkness Radio presents: The Perfect Predator: The Race Against A SuperBug & Other Psychic Adventures w/Robert Linsy Milne!
Robert Lindsy Milne is a Psychic-IntuitiveCounsellor, Teacher, Healer, and Life Coach. He is recognized across the continent as one of the most insightful Psychic IntuitiveCounselors of his time. At a very young age he realized his psychic gifts and started his first job working as a psychic intuitive doing readings at the“Cozy Tea Room” in Toronto. Robert has traveled the world giving insight with his Psychic Intuitive Sessions to tens of thousands of people and has become recognized across the continent as “One of the most insightfulCounselors of his time”.Robert has also worked with the police andCanadian Secret Service helping to gather intel and work on missing person’s cases. Currently Robert is hosting his podcast,“My Side of The Crystal Ball” you can find the show on all the popular platforms including iheart radio!He is also an award-winning baker!
In Today's Program, Robert will not only talk about his rich history, but his psychic experiences, and the time he talked a coma patient through his convalescence through a deadly Superbug with NO RESISTANCE TO ANTIBIOTICS! And, Robert will eXplain why, to this day, he guarantees every one of his readings, 100 percent money back guarantee, until the day you both die!
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