S17 Ep115: Voices of True Crime: The O.J. Simpson Case w/ Alan R. Warren


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True Crime Tuesday presents Voices of True Crime: The O.J. Simpson Case with Broadcaster/Author, Alan R. Warren!!
In June of 1994 , two people in Brentwood, California were muirdered and the world was turned on it's ear for years to come. Those people were Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. There is the story of public record and court proceedings, and there is the story of innuendo, and rumors. Author Alan R. Warren, of The House of Mystery Radio show on NBC has an Interviews Series book line, which publishes interesting excerpts from the show in hopes of putting the facts of the case back in the hands of the listeners/readers and letting them decide for themselves. Alan joins TCT today to talk about some of those famous interviews with the likes of F. Lee Bailey, Marcia Clark, Kim Goldman, Norman Pardo, and Andy Caldwell (the detective who arrested OJ in Las Vegas) and to separate fact from fiction in this very famous case.
Get your copy of Voices of True Crime: The O.J. Simpson Case , here: https://amzn.to/3xWeFTM
Check out Alan's website, and listen to the House of Mystery Radio show and it's podcasts here: https://www.alanrwarren.com/
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