Why Mindset Matters As Full Time Investor In Multifamily With Alex & Sarah May [DB087]


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Are you looking to invest in multifamily properties?

Alex & Sarah May are a married couple that went from being engineers in the space industry to full time investors in multifamily. They started with single family rentals and have grown to five syndications with close to 500 units. If you want to learn about the Colorado market and how mindset matters, they are the perfect people to learn from.

Investing in multifamily can be a great way to grow your portfolio and see returns on your investment. But it’s important that you have the right mindset going into it. That’s why Alex & Sarah May are such valuable resources – they know what it takes to be successful as an investor, and they’re more than happy to share their knowledge with others. Listen and learn!

For links and resources discussed in this episode, please visit our show notes at https://darinbatchelder.com/Mindset-Matters

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