Why Hyper Focused On North And South Carolina With Hemal Badiani [DB115]


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Hemal Badiani is hyper-focused on the North and South Carolina markets. Hemal and his team believe being experts in the markets they invest in gives them an advantage when considering which deals to pursue. They focus on long-term relationships with their clients, rather than completing transactions. This allows them to better understand the needs of their clients and provide a higher quality of service. Hemal is looking to build something beyond himself and is building the company for future generations. He wants to leave a lasting impact in both the North and South Carolina markets. He understands that in order to do this, he must provide value for his clients today that goes beyond just real estate investments. Relationships are key to his success. Listen and learn! For links and resources discussed in this episode, please visit our show notes at https://darinbatchelder.com/north-and-south-carolina

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