My Dream Dinner, 1TYM Memories, Overcoming Insecurity (Ep. 9)


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What an eventful Labor Day Weekend it was! I was able to take Abby to Las Vegas with a hyung of mine and his children, while Christian spent some time with the grandparents. My wife was able to take some time to herself, and all in all, everyone enjoyed themselves. It’s safe to say though, we’re happy to be together as a family again after the brief time away. Dial-in and ask me anything: +1.567-39-DANNY. On this episode: 00:00 - Labor Day Weekend & Taking the kids to Las Vegas 03:22 - If you could invite any three people to a dinner party past or present, who would it be and why? 07:27 - Do you have any standout stories from your 1TYM days when something really memorable happened while recording or filming? What are the first stories that come to mind when someone asks you this? 12:12 - What is the one thing you wish you knew back when you were in your 20s that you know now? 15:30 - Rapidfire Instagram Questions If you would like to see more, you can find me here:

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