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Welcome to the Damn Dude Podcast!!
This is Season 2, Episode 99!!!
This is one of THOSE episodes.....the ones the real listeners LOVE.
This will help us be better people, better parents, and better kids to our parents.
- World Class Sebastian Hernandez is in town for a few days, so you KNOW we had to catch him, and completely put him on the spot!!!
- Sebastian of Ignite Self Mastery, is always challenging and pushing me and others to be our best in very helpful, useful, and practical ways.
- Growth and getting better can often be uncomfortable, so we flipped the tables around, asked different kinds of questions, and did things a little different by challenging Sebastian and putting him on the spot and providing a space for him to be uncomfortable and access higher level of his own greatness!
- Asking Different Questions
- My First Podcast
- Coolest Thing In the World
- The Power of Childhood
- Tell us a Story.....
- What it Means To Be a Father
- BeforeBeing a Father and Being a Father....It's a Forever Club
- Running Out of Bandwidth
- How to Recharge When you have a Life Dedicated to Working Hard and Doing Many Things
- The Most Important Things the Youth Should Know
- Accessing Highest Self
- Highest Self Practice and Steps
- Ignite Self Mastery....Podcast????!!!!
- Sebastian Completely Put on the Spot
- Growth is Uncomfortable, and Necessary
Find Sebastian at:
Visit the Site/Download the free App, This is Your Sign from Your Higher Self to Sign Up for the Virtual Foundation and to Tap Into your Higher Self. Get Uncomfortable, Take Action.
Remember to say 3 things you're Grateful for every morning and every night!
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Daaaaaaamn Duuuuuude!!!!!
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