The Episode of Dog ft. Hemali Sodhi | Founder of A Suitable Agency | Editor of The Book of Dog


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On Cyrus Says this week we are joined by Hemali Sodhi, founder of 'A Suitable Agency' and editor of 'The Book of Dog'. Is it really true if you feed a dog, the dog will never bite you? Cyrus has written a chapter in this book about his love for dogs and today we have the editor of the book Hemali on the show. They talk about their love for dogs, how Hemali didn’t grow up as a dog lover and later got converted to loving them to the point of finally compiling a book about the love of dogs. Cyrus tells us his story of going with his dog Luciano to a book store, and the beauty of seeing the connection between his dog and an old person at the store. They further talk about how Hemali got the idea of curating this book with other people contributing their stories about dogs as chapters, which stories are Hemali’s favourites in the book, what breed of dogs Cyrus has and how some breeders are doing dog breeding as just business, not keeping in mind the welfare of the animals. They also talk about people who don’t like dogs, building societies having weird rules like not allowing dogs into lifts, parks, etc, how dog names should be on point and why some overused dog names should be retired (looking at you Tommy). Tune in for this and much more.

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