Cnb ft. Kajol, Naren & Antariksh | Meat Ban in Delhi-UP, Cyrus' Drinking Stories with Celebs, Textbook with 'Merits of Dowry', Mother Puts Chili Powder in Son's Eyes


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On this episode of Cock & Bull, we are joined by Narendra Shenoy, Kajol Srinivasan and Silverie (Antariksh). Cyrus rants about people who talking while eating. The panel talks about Silverie (Antariksh) is having a 'good hair day' today, Kajol's views on guys having less hair and Antariksh having a bald spot behind his head. They also talk about Delhi & UP banning meat shops during Navratri, the number of Navratris we have in a year, and the Oscars and Grammys failing to include Lata Mangeshkar and Bappi Lahiri in their 'In Memoriam' section and the hate they are getting for it. Later they talk about Cyrus' drinking stories with acting legends like Vinod Khanna, Jackie Shroff and a funny incident he witnessed with the Kapoor family. Finally, the panel talks about a text book for nurses called 'Textbook of Sociology for Nurses' which mentions a whole section about the 'Merits of Dowry', the pressure and demand of dowry that still occurs in India, and the 15 year old boy getting chili powder rubbed in his eyes by his mother for smoking marijuana. Tune in for this and much more.

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