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On today’s podcast Infosec Skills author Chrys Thorsen talks about founding IT Without Borders, a humanitarian organization built to empower underserved communities through capacity building information and communications technology (ICT) skills and information access. She’s also a consultant and educator. And, for our purpose, she is the author of several learning paths on our Infosec Skills platform. She has written course paths for Writing Secure Code in Android and Writing Secure Code in iOS, as well as a forthcoming CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder path.
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0:00 - Intro
2:43 - Thorsen’s origin story in cybersecurity
4:53 - Gaining about 40 certifications
6:20 - Cross certification knowledge
7:25 - Great certification combos
8:45 - How useful are certifications?
11:12 - Collecting certifications
13:01 - Changing training landscape
14:20 - How teaching changed
16:36 - In-demand cybersecurity skills
17:48 - What is secure coding?
19:34 - Secure coders versus coders
20:31 - Secure coding in iOS versus Android
22:39 - CertNexus secure coder certification
24:13 - Secure coding before coding
24:42 - Secure coding curriculum
26:27 - Recommended studies post secure coding
26:50 - Benefits to skills-based education
27:43 - Tips for lifelong learning
29:29 - Cybersecurity education’s future
30:54 - IT Without Borders
33:38 - Outro
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