How to turn Your Employees into Lead Magnets and Customer Advocates with Jill Raff


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The CX Goalkeeper had the great opportunity to interview Jill Raff

LinkedIn Headline: Expert Insights Turning Employees Into Advocates and Customer Magnets Consultant, Speaker, Show Host, Author, CEO/Founder of Jill Raff Group, LLC


* 00:00 Game Start

* 01:00 Jill's introduction

* 05:00 Jill's values

* 06:19 EX2CX definition

* 8:03 the importance of employee experience

* 10:15 Inside-Out Methodology

* 18:03 The 3 "Es" plus one E

* 23:15 Jill's Definition of Employee Experience

* 25:10 What are we discussing in Employee Experience in 10 years from now?

* 27:09 Employees: Partners and not "being depending"

* 28:15 Jill's contact details

* 30:28 Jill's book suggestion

* 31.59 Jill's Golden Nugget

* 33:25 Game End

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Thank you, Jill.

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