Sleep Munchies, Ancient Greek Ship Found, Relationship Trick


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Learn about why you eat more when you’re tired; a legendary submerged Egyptian city; and a trick for keeping the peace.

Lack Of Sleep Really Does Make You Eat More by Ashley Hamer

We just found an ancient Greek military ship in the legendary SUBMERGED Egyptian city Thônis-Heracleion by Steffie Drucker

Writing about relationship conflicts from a third-person perspective can keep the peace by Steffie Drucker

  • Expressive writing reduces relationship conflict and aggression during pandemic. (2021, August 10). EurekAlert!
  • Rodriguez, L. M., Stewart, S. H., & Neighbors, C. (2021). Effects of a brief web-based interpersonal conflict cognitive reappraisal expressive-writing intervention on changes in romantic conflict during COVID-19 quarantine. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice. Advance online publication.

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