Real Talk #049 – How to make a reservation at a restaurant


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Have you ever tried making a reservation at a restaurant and it just didn’t go as smoothly as you would have liked? Then tune in to this Real Talk episode where Andrew and Kassy teach you all the questions, answers, and expressions you need to know to make a reservation at a restaurant in perfect English.

The Culips Real Talk series is great for high-beginner and low-intermediate English learners. By studying with Real Talk, you’ll learn the English expressions you need to know for everyday, real-world situations.

Fun facts

Some restaurants have reservation lists that are beyond the imagination. One such restaurant is owned and run by chef Damon Baehrel. This chef is unique, because he runs his restaurant out of his home and he goes through every process of the food prep from growing his own produce, to preparing it, cooking it, serving it, and even cleaning the dishes. He prepares a 20+ course meal for each guest and the dining experience is said to take between 5-7 hours! At one point, chef Baehrel had a 6 year wait-list of customers dying to eat at his restaurant.

Expressions included in the study guide

  • I’d like to make a reservation for [number] this [day]
  • A party of[number]
  • Under whose name are you making the reservation?
  • To push [something] up
  • To squeeze [someone] in
  • A ballpark [something]

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