Real Talk #048 – How to open a bank account


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Going to the bank can be a stressful experience. Going to a bank using a second language can be ever more stressful! In this Real Talk episode, Andrew and Kassy take you through the normal steps to open a bank account and the English expressions you will need to know.
In this episode, our hosts explore what it means to have unlimited transaction, the difference between a chequing account and a savings account, and what different forms of identification you will need. Give a listen to this helpful episode!

Fun facts

Financial transactions have existed since the beginning of civilization. However, modern-style banking started in Renaissance Italy, around the 14th century. Back then, most banks were family-owned businesses.

Expressions included in the study guide

  • Teller
  • Transaction
  • To bank
  • Forms of ID
  • To inquire
  • A whole other kettle of fish

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