#360 What’s Holding Back Brilliant Women in Business?


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Welcome to this special episode of Ctrl Alt Delete! This episode was recorded live at Samsung KX in Coal Drops Yard in front of a live audience which was very exciting! It was a brilliant venue and it’s been a while - it felt good to be in person again. A wonderful panel of women got together to discuss the “brilliance bias”, the myth that still sadly pervades our society and work culture, where ‘brilliant’ is often seen as a male trait. I am grateful to Samsung for being so transparent and honest in this conversation, they are looking ahead to where they want to be when it comes to these kinds of discussions and that transparency is key. Many studies (research from New York, Harvard and Denver Universities) state that 75% of people implicitly and unknowingly associate high levels of intelligence (or intellectual “brilliance”) with men more than women.

It seems slightly crazy to be discussing this but the statistic was so intriguing - I really enjoyed chatting to the panel about the myths and stereotypes around a certain type of person being heralded as ‘brilliant', when actually obviously it comes in all shapes and sizes. So, unpicking this topic, I have a brilliant line-up: Annie Ridout, the bestselling author of SHY; and Chloe Findlay-Walker and Nida Choudhary who both offer interesting perspectives from Samsung, who I'm super excited to be partnering with for this episode as part of its Samsung Pioneers programme. I hope you enjoy this theme, and to find out more, please head to the show notes for more information! Hope you enjoy the conversation.

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