S1E2: The Shooting Star


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After hearing of Stooge's fate, Carter has a talk with the Captain. But his concern doesn't last long when he finds out his own term is ending. Carter doesn't want to leave... not yet anyway. So in an effort to postpone it, he takes off on an ATG and doesn't come back for hours. Later, he tells Kay about his decision to stay which upsets her. Carter also sees a fiery object in the sky and forces Max to do a scan to find out exactly what it was.
"Gazing Wide" by Tamuz Dekel @ Artlist.io
"Fortress" by Jonny Hughes @ Artlist.io
"Songbird" by Doug Kaufman @ Artlist.io
"Lieu Despoir" by Roseblue @ Artlist.io
"Odd Numbers" by Curtis Cole @ Artlist.io

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