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What up everyone this is your host JOLSID and you are turning into the very first episode of CryptochainX podcast. The aim of this podcast is to bring no hype no head straight to point factual information to your guys.

In this podcast, we will learn the fundamentals of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum platform, NEO, Ripple, Cardano, IOTA and more. The reason I created this podcast was that of the basic necessity that I felt there is a lot of hype and hate around crypto and misunderstanding around blockchain.

I heard about Bitcoin almost 2 years ago and I wanted to understand the core fundamentals of Bitcoin. There was so much hype and hate surrounding it that I felt FOMO and many people around me became dismissive since Bitcoin was being hated on by the CEOs of some of the largest investment firms.

With this podcast, I would like to help you all whether you are changing careers, looking to buy cryptocurrencies, want to develop your own blockchains or start an ICO. This podcast will provide you with the tools, so you can be successful in your journey.

We will interview founders of new projects, developers, crypto entrepreneurs, and academics.

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