CCX005 - Coinbase 101 (Crypto Exchange)


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Coinbase is a giant in the space of cryptocurrency anyone that’s new to the crypto space usually start with Coinbase as a crypto exchange.

It’s due to their clean interface and user-friendly design. Coinbase also has an app for smartphones. Still, there are some people who hate it and others who love it. I'll do my best to share all the facts you guys and hopefully can explain why people have love and hate relationship with Coinbase.

Coinbase is based out of United States owe their headquarters in California are in 32 countries but this is not the only team initially in 2012 Ben Reeves the founder of blockchain. Info website.

Ben was also one of the founding members but later on, they parted ways because of their difference is on the vision of how the Coinbase wallet should be and a few other things. Now let’s forward to Jan 2015, that’s when Coinbase got its $75 million dollar investment buy Draper Fisher, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), United States Automobile Association and several Banks.

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