CRO Salaries: Agency vs Client-side vs Freelance


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Exploring the earning potential for different kinds of CRO work. From agency CRO specialists to those that work clients-side to freelance CROs. I quite enjoyed answering this question because I've been in all three positions: I've worked at agencies, then moved to client side and then finally took the plunge into freelancing. I've come to find out that there are trade-offs for each. Your personality-type will be largely responsible for determining which scenario is best for you. For example: If you're the kind of person that wants something safe while working on a side-hustle then maybe working at an agency or company is best. Don't overthink it, try each scenario if you get the chance, as that's the best way of determining what's best for you. Once you do find what's best for you, it's smooth(er?) sailing from there. The 2019 State of Conversion Optimization Report by CXL: Want to receive the 2020 survey results? Our podcast partner and CXL teamed up to get the CRO industry report of 2020 updated again. How are we as a CRO industry are moving forward and in what aspects. Join this annual survey so we can all shortly enjoy the results:

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